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Links to some of our favorite HEMA sites and resources.

The HEMA ALLIANCE (HEMAA) supports HEMA clubs and schools across the USA

HEMAA Website

HEMAA Facebook Page

Wiktenauer - a huge wiki collection of historical fencing manuals, translations, and educational pages -- perhaps the most important website in modern HEMA

YOUTUBE channels, and other VIDEOS worth watching

Back to the Source - An excellent long-form documentary on modern HEMA

Martin Fabian - Fun, well-made videos from brilliant fencer

Anton Kohutovic - Excellent videos from one of the top fencers today

Sword Carolina - One of the best schools in the US, with some of the best teachers

GHFS - One of the top HEMA schools in the world

Denver Historical Fencing Academy - A great new school in Denver with useful videos 

Krieg School Denver - An excellent HEMA school that shares a large amount of tournaments footage

Longpoint - The top HEMA tournament in North America, their YT channel shares a huge amount of tournament footage

Nordic League - The largest competitive HEMA league in the world, with a wealth of excellent videos and tournament footage

GEAR manufacturers and suppliers (we highly recommend asking an instructor about what gear to buy before purchasing)

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