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Summer 2022 Beginner's Courses!


Mark your calendars! New season, new beginners course, same whacks! Come in July 2nd and learn from the best. Get your first month free with code WARLORD at check out!

As Summer arrives so do our new beginner's courses! Join us the first Saturday of each month for swords and whacks! Our school features seasoned, competitive instructors with extensive knowledge of the historical, artistic, and martial aspects of the sport. The teachers of our academy are up and coming high level competitors with multiple medals under their belts. We aim to push our competitive game to greater heights and empower all of our peers.

⚔️ About us ⚔️

Our school focuses on the early 15th century KdF (Kunst Des Fechtens). We drive a passion for German Longsword and other historical weapon systems such as rapier, sword and buckler, and saber. DSHF persistently establishes a sense of community, diversity, and personal growth. We maintain a zero tolerance policy for any and all discrimination: we're all here for one thing, to grow ourselves and support our peers. We look forward to what this season's round of beginner classes hold! ⚔️💪

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